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                Frequently asked questions...

Q: Where are your facilities located?

A:  We are located on 7.5 acres in Mico, TX about 15 miles North of 1604 and Culebra.  We usually meet our clients in the Alamo Ranch area for pickups or drop offs.

Q: What types of dogs do you train?

A:  We have trained hundreds of dogs.  All different breeds, ages, sizes and personalities.

Q: Do you offer boarding?

A:  We do offer boarding for clients that have been through our Board and Train program.

Q:  What is a Board and Train program?

A:  A Board and Train program is when your dog comes and stay with us for approximately 3 weeks and we teach them all of their obedience.  This is a great opportunity to get training if you are going out of town for a business trip or vacation.

Q: What other types of training do you offer? 

A:  We normally offer group classes and private lessons.  Due to Covid 19 we are only offering Board and Trains at this time.

Q:  What will my dog learn during the Board and Train Program?

A:  During their 3 week stay, they will learn how to properly heel, heeling with auto-sit, sits and downs with distance and duration, place stays, leave its, door manners, house manners, free commands and more.

Q: How old does my dog have to be?

A:  We have trained dogs anywhere from 3.5 months to over 10 years of age.  Your dog would need to have all of his/her boosters complete before entering the program.  Most veterinarians complete boosters at 14 to 16 weeks.


Q:  What is included in the Board and Train Program? 

A:  You would receive all their obedience training, a two hour return session to teach the owner all the commands they have learned, a free follow up session and a goodie bag.  The goodie bag includes certificate of completion, list of training commands, a training collar, leather heeling leash, tab leash and place bed.

Q:  Do you do purely positive training?

A: We at K.nine Training are considered balanced trainers.  We reward with treats and praise for positive behaviors and we do light corrections for unwanted or negative behaviors.  

Q: What training tools do you use?

A: Their are many effective training tools that can help your dog achieve its maximum potential.  Depending on the dogs needs we utilize many different tools and training collars.  For most small dogs our training is done with a slip leash and clicker.  For larger and power breeds, other tools may be necessary. Your dogs safety and well being is our number one concern.  We do not use these tools in a harsh or cruel manner.

Q:  Do you do potty training?  

A:  By the time most dogs come to us at the age of 16 weeks, potty habits good or bad have already been established. Although, we can help a dog with bad habits with a consistent routine. We can't guarantee the dog will return home after 3 weeks and not have  any more accidents.  See our Free Tips page for more information on Potty Training.

Q:  Will our dogs socialize with other dogs?

A:  We only socialize dogs in our care with other dogs that are size, age and energy level appropriate.

Q:  Where will our dogs be kept when under your care?

A: All dogs will be crated for their safety.  Our kennel area is attached to our house.  It is insulated on all four sides, has a mini-split AC and heating unit, has a door that leads directly to a safe and secure potty yard.  It also has a TV that plays DOG TV 24 hours a day.  Since the kennel area is attached to our house, the dogs are constantly supervised.  We also have camera surveillance.

Q: What sets K.nine training apart from other trainers in the SanAntonio area.

A:  Our compassion for animals.  We understand the importance of peoples pets.  They are members of the family, just like kids.  We also become attached and form bonds with the dogs.  We become like their second family.  It's rewarding to us to see a dogs reaction when they see us after a month or two.


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