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Due to current demand we are only offering our Board and Train program at this time......

Board and Train Program - We will bring your pet into our household for an extended period of time. Our typical Board and Train program lasts three weeks . This gives us the opportunity to train with the dogs  every day, and gives your pet the opportunity to socialize with other people and animals while teaching them all their obedience training. This service is perfect for clients going out of town for an extended vacation.  You can come home to a totally different animal. 

Obedience Training - We offer basic to advanced obedience for dogs 6 months or older. Obedience training consists of commands such as sit, stays, heel, door manners, house manners and how to properly walk on a leash.

Group or Private lessons- Our group lessons are the most affordable for our clients.  We require a minimum of 5 for a group session. We periodicaly schedule group sessions or if you have some friends that need training also then give us a call. We highly recommend private lessons, it gives one on one time with your pet.  We could meet at a public place such as a park or come to your home.  We are currently not offering Group or Private lessons at this time.

Boarding-  We offer Boarding to our clients that have been through our Board and Train Program..  Providing we have space available. Please make reservations in advance, spots fill up quick.

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